Tips to Declutter Your Home!

“Clutter” in the home is often defined as anything you are keeping around your home that doesn’t add value to your everyday life. Psychology Today has even pointed out that added mess tends to cause more stress in peoples lives, so by not taking care of the clutter in your home, you may also be causing yourself to become more stressed in the place where you should be the most relaxed!

So why is decluttering your home so important?

  1. Clutter gives our minds excessive stimuli which cause our senses to overwork on things that aren’t important
  2. Clutter can be very distracting and takes our attention away from the more important things we should be focusing on
  3. Clutter makes it difficult to relax in our own homes because we become anxious when we feel that our home is messy and our work is never done
  4. Clutter may create feelings of embarrassment when looking at the mess it creates especially when you have guests over
  5. Clutter frustrates us by preventing us from locating the things we need easily (i.e. important files, keys, etc.)

Luckily, taking small steps each day towards decluttering can be a simple way to not only become less stressed but also create more organization in your home. Although decluttering may seem pretty overwhelming at first, there are ways to get the whole family involved and make it fun!

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  1. Start small! Begin with a small “no-clutter zone” in a certain area of your house. This can be a counter, table, or any specific area of your living room. Make a rule for your family that nothing can be placed in that area if it is not being used and everything must be put away where it belongs. As this area begins to stay clutter-free begin expanding that zone throughout your entire house!
  2. Clear off your counters. Countertops are spaces where we typically keep things such as blenders, toasters, and other kitchen appliances. If there are any appliances there that you don’t use every day, find a spot to place them in the cabinet so they are out of your way!
  3. Designate an area for incoming mail and other papers! Papers tend to account for a lot of clutter in our homes, whether it be mail, receipts, warranties, or other important documents. Create an “in-box tray”, then when you receive mail, throw the junk away immediately so it doesn’t begin to pile up and place all the important stuff in the tray until it is no longer needed. Any other important papers should also be filed away in a specific location so they are easy to find and out of the way.
  4. Designate a decluttering weekend for the whole family. Gather some boxes and label them “keep”, “donate”, and “throw away”, then go through cleaning the rooms of your house and fill the boxes up. Items you want to keep, find a designated spot for them to go when they are not being used rather than having them laying around all over your home. You will also find in the donate and throw away boxes that many items that you’ve kept around for many years don’t get any use or don’t work at all so why not simply get rid of them!
  5. Clean out your closet! Over the years we tend to keep buying clothes, but never get rid of the old stuff which makes our closets very cluttered. Utilize the hanger trick where you turn them all backward until you wear that clothing item. Any hanger that goes unturned for 6 months, consider donating that item or selling it to a consignment shop to make some extra money!

These are just a few simple ways to begin decluttering your home but if you want even more tips, this page has a thorough guide to help you!

Posted on July 17, 2018 at 10:10 pm
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